Hi, welcome to another episode of my #uxchronicles. This week, I came to an intersection of two things I really love — Writing and Design, and how they relate to each other to make a better user experience.

In this article, I’ll be talking about UX writing, why it is important and how you should use it.

UX Writing is the practice of crafting copy which is directly used in user interfaces to guide users within a product and help them interact with it. …

Hello beautiful human,

Let’s talk about the last time“you were late”.

Sometimes we are in a rush to reprimand people, thrashing students when they are late to school, locking out students when they are late for classes, we punish them because they are 'late’.

Whoever brought this coated word 'African Time' should be sentenced for life in kirikiri, cos there’s really nothing African about it.

African Time is a fallacy. Their is only a thing as ' Lateness’. Lateness to church, lateness to events, lateness to lectures, lateness to work, lateness to sleep, lateness to wake.
Lateness has sniped into our…

UX Chronicles #3: A Design Leap | Intro to UX Research

While week 2 had me reading an article per day, week 3 of the Cowry wise X Asa design bootcamp saw me taking my learning one leap further by enrolling in the Udacity Nanodegree for UX Design (A friend of mine remarked that I did not come to play), and yes,I do want it that bad.

Honestly, this was a very tasking decision, because now I have to juggle between school, work, my bootcamp and the nanodegree. Honestly, it has been worth the entire stress.

At this point I’ll…

I don’t know why I chose to title this article this way. Tbh, I don’t even think it makes sense, but I hope it does. My week 2 article should have delved into the key things I learnt like Design thinking, Gestalt Principle and Information Architecture, but I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet. My subsequent articles will eventually cross the ‘t’ in technical but this week, it’s about focus and resilience.

When I started this journey, I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy, but not this much though. Here am I caught in between writing exams, having…

After 2 years in front end web development, I decided to take a leap into a new path… An interesting path… A creative path, a path I’m willing to go all in, a step closer to co-create with the creator. Making this decision didn’t come easy, but I mustered the courage to move because I knew it was time.

I started off on my own, learning with a few resources I found online, and few weeks later, I stumbled on a design bootcamp by Cowry Wise, which I saw as a sign from above.

Last week was our introduction, with…

Reflecting in gratitude on the lessons of the past year and of how much God’s mercies have abounded for me.

How much I’ve grown. And all the beautiful people that made this year as remarkable as it is.
A lot can happen in a year 😊

In recent years my birthdays have become praise-giving days to me, not just because I was born, but because it fell on year end.

Are there destined husbands? Wives?

If so, how come a lot of Christian marriages, even the ones that were seen in trances and "ordained by heaven" (match made in heaven) still go ahead to divorce after a lot of brutal marital experiences?

Is goodness and compatibility enough?

I know we can't tell what our partners could turn out to be in marriage, and hence it's important to marry the one whom God has chosen (He sees the end from the beginning), but marriage requires work, and no matter how a match was made in heaven, if the both parties do…

When a certain prophet proclaimed this year as a year of 'liphacapharey’, little did I realise the weight those words carried nor the depth at which his eyes foresaw what the year 2020 would carry.

Up, down, up, down, went the year.

In all, I can only sum it up in one word, OMO!


I grew up for almost 16+ years of my life believing that a woman’s virginity is her crown.

But before you get ahead with this article? A simple question: If a woman's virginity is her crown, why do queens wear crown on their heads and not in their private parts?

You get the drift now?

If your virginity is your crown how about the ladies that do not have a hymen?
The ones raped?
The queens who are breaking and shattering status quo, taking the world unawares, with the world giving no thoughts about their sexuality?

Women in Africa…

Yeah, I didn’t like Maths either. Not in my early days.

Kids have a tendency to want to do only the fun and easy stuffs, I guess that’s why we all at some stage hated mathematics. The subject was just too hard and we hated our Maths teachers as well.

Kids can do just about anything to wriggle out of doing the hards subjects, from feigning ailment, to crying and outrightly hating school.

And unless something is fun, they barely engage. If a child detests computers it would seem almost impossible getting them to love coding. …

Amarachi Emmanuela Azubuike

Here, I allow my imaginations roll. This is where I pull off my shoes. Get in!

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