Musings #2: I finally Did it!! 2019 Year In Review.

It has been an awesomely amazing year, I feel I might leave off some things as some of the projects I started this year would be completed in the coming year, so I’ll wait till then to reveal.

I choose to term my year " My year of divine direction" as that was a major prayer point for me in the year 2018.

God came through for me in so many ways, way more than I can vividly count.

This year end review will mostly be anchored on my personal and career accomplishments as opposed to family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, relationship 💛 and finances (I wanna keep those private for now)

At the end of last year, I wrote down some goals and what I wanted 2019 to be like for me, and I'm really glad the year turned out really great and better than expected, although I didn't reach ALL my goals some of which I've moved to tomorrow (tomorrow is new year, duh😁)

In a nutshell, In 2019, I

1. Became the co-lead for ForloopAba
2. Organized 1 event and 1 meetup under the arm of forloop Aba.
3. Travelled to 5 cities.
4. Overcame pharmacophobia, my phobia for drugs.
5. Hit the road several times than I can vividly recall. So much for a previously travel-phobic person.
6. I created and published my first technical articles on hashnode. Had 2 in all.
7. I mentored a team during the Technovation 2019 challenge. We didn’t win, But I’m proud of my little girls. They were the youngest team in the competition.
8. I volunteered for several events.
9. Spoke at 2 events.
10. Hosted the first scratch day event.
11. Co-organized 7 events.
12. Became a volunteer with Slum2School Africa.
13. Became part of the OSCA festival team.
14. Began working on a new masterpiece (Y’all watch out)
15. Started and finished and HNG internships.
16. Made a major career decision and sticked by it.

1. I attended 22 tech events generally both in and out of Aba, all of which helped me gain a lot of knowledge and network with some amazing persons.

2. I love to write basically about everything non-technical, but this year, I had to explore the technical writing part of me. I did that by writing on my blog babysteps where I wrote technical articles for the first time.

3. I volunteered and carried out my duties for the following courses: International youth day by Vision Alive, TedX Abayi, FemPower 3.0 and Slum2School Africa.

4. I also co-organised 7 events: which gave the opportunity to meet and network with great personalities.
5. I hosted the first Scratch Day Event in Aba/Abia State with 3 awesome team mates: Lilian, Lucy and Promise. One of my blessings of 2019.

6. I spoke at the WTM Aba meetup and was part of the panelist. I also had an IAmRemarkable session at the novel BizFest Aba event where I almost got the nickname RemarkableAmara 😁.

7. I can say I was active in the community this year, this year actually being my first "full year" in tech.

6. And Oh! I joined twitter this year too(August) and has grown my followers to 613 as at 20th December (my birthday 😎) You can follow my story on twitter.

1. It was a pleasant year altogether with its high and low moments, but right now I choose to concentrate on the good😊

2. This year I lost my 3-month old phone and a replacement was made same day, by Amaka, an ordeal I can't forget.

3. I made lots of new friends, widened up my friendship circle a bit to accommodate more people, a decision I'm not regretting, yet😁

4. I drew closer to God than before, recorded a lot of growth spiritually and got myself a pastor. Hallelujah.

5. I was a maid of honor this year too💃🏿💃🏿

Previously in the past years, I read mostly fiction and non-fiction books. I broke the record of my year of reading the most books on inspiration and personal development.

Some of the books I read:
Everything is fucked by Mark Mason
Eat that frog by Bryan Tracy
I’m judging you by Luvvie Ajayi
Why you act the way you do by Tim Halaye
The hairdresser of Harare Tendei Huchu
The smart money woman by Arese Ugwu
He motion by TD Jakes

Having overcome pharmacophobia, I no longer have to abuse drugs once I feel well😉 I started a daily exercise routine later this year, and I took care of my mental health better.

I am very grateful to everyone who has been a part of my 2019 journey, but I want to specially say thank you to ....
Okay, I changed my mind. I love you all, and my special thanks goes to you, you and you.

I have penned down my goals for the new year in my journal, I hope to write a 2020 year in review stating that I’ve accomplished all or at least most of the goals I set now. But to chip you in on it:
1. I want to land a new job.
2. Get more speaking engagements.
3. I want to make my first trip out of the country, for career related purposes.
4. Write more technical content on my blog.
5. Have a personal portfolio website.
6. ...
I spent 2019 doing a lot of learning, volunteering and a lot of other things I skipped on this post, some for lack of documentation😣, 2020 promises to be greater and better.

I’m ready for 2020.
Let’s rock this new year💃🏿💃🏿



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