Musings #3: In Every Rumor, there’s no tang of Truth??


In every rumour, is there an atom of truth?
An atom of truth usually added by the rumor mongers in order to add credibility to their story?

Have you ever wondered why most stories of rumour actually add up?

Bob Marley was rumored to have died from excessive drug abuse. The truth being that he was a marijuana smoker made it sound more convincing and credible when added to the story. The real truth? The man actually died from cancer.

To be honest it would be believable and news worthy to hear that he died from drug abuse right?
He’s a goddamn marijuana addict by the way.

The truth could be part of the dying but not the cause of death.

So next time you come across rumors spread about someone with seemingly convincing facts and the next thought that pops into your head is "There is an atom of Truth"

Pause for a moment and think "What if the atom of truth was actually appended to make falsehood look real?"

It would be better to go with this mindset instead_ IN EVERY RUMOUR, THERE IS FALSE OR TRUTH TO IT_

Truth and false don't go together. It is either this or that.

It's either he stole the money 💴 or he didn't.
It's either she is pregnant🤰🏽 or she is not.
It's either he raped her or he didn't.
It is either she embezzled the money 💰 or she didn't.

Don’t play psychoanalyst and detective where you shouldn’t.
Trying to place one and two together. Then come up with things like, "But the lady spent the night in his room right?" What does that have to do with allegation on ground? He did it or he didn’t.

Besides, you mustn’t have your say in everything, sometimes, you just sit down and do nothing.
Sometimes, silence is just the best answer especially when the rumor doesn’t concern you.😎

What To Do When A Friend Is A Victim

We all have been victims of baseless rumors at one point or the other.
Ranging from minor stealings to rape incidences.
Some victims have even been trolled on the internet and charged to court.

When you hear a rumor about a close friend or family member, there’s usually this mixed feelings that comes, a mixture of disbelief and anger.

What To Do

• Thank the monger for bringing it to your notice ie if someone informed you.
• Tell him/her to stop at that - don't hope he/she will
• Reiterate your stance for your friend. Dont consent that your friend did it.
• Inform your friend of the news going around.
• He/she might be distraught at this moment, be with him/her. Be their confidant.
• Stay away from further conversations relating the gossip. Its better to say nothing at all than implicate your friend.
• BELIEVE YOUR FRIEND. This comes from how much you trust your friend.

What Not To Do

• Do not try to confirm from another source.
• Do not feign ignorance of the rumor and refuse to let your friend know, they’ll find out sooner or later and will be heart broken realising you knew beforehand and never brought it to their notice.
• Do not share the rumor (even if it is to your best friend) cos your BFF will likely tell his/her BFF and the know already
• Do not try to investigate your friend at this point.
• Be their strongest ally.
• Do not assume.
• Do not confront the rumor mongers.
• Don’t betray your friend’s trust.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then so be it. Allow time take its toll on it.



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