Musings #10: In thanksgiving for the previous year ❤

Reflecting in gratitude on the lessons of the past year and of how much God’s mercies have abounded for me.

How much I’ve grown. And all the beautiful people that made this year as remarkable as it is.
A lot can happen in a year 😊

In recent years my birthdays have become praise-giving days to me, not just because I was born, but because it fell on year end.

On my gratitude list, are a lot to thank God for.

Firstly, I’m thankful for FAMILY.
I love them so much ❤.

I’m grateful for the friends who turned family. My ride or day babes and boos. The ones who inspire me, who cheer me, propel me towards success and mention my name in rooms filled with oportunities.

I’m grateful for my nephew, I wonder what makes you smile in your sleep dear. I can’t forget easily, the tension that surrounded me the night he was born. But I’m glad he’s here and I thank God everyday for him ❤.

I’m grateful for HEALTH,
on every side.

I’m grateful for the CHURCH,
For the few times I appeared physically, for my young teenagers at the Children’s Church, which turned out to be one of the most fulfilling things I did in 2020.

I thank God for EDUCATION
for the privilege to share knowledge gained.

I’m grateful for GROWTH
Financially, Intellectually, emotionally, careerwise and accademically.

I’m grateful for the GRACE OF DISCERNMENT, Without which I’d wobble in the dark and come crashing.

I’m grateful for MENTORS, TEACHERS, WRITERS AND COACHES, who share from the well of their knowledge and allow us to follow through while gaining insights.

I’m grateful for THE GIFT OF MEN, For the friends who showed up and showed out even in the most dire circumstances. The ones that recommend me and speak for me even when I’m not there. The ones I inspire to do more and the ones that encourage me to do better.

I'm grateful for TECHDUCATION POINT,
this little light of mine. For being a platform that God has used to reach out to a lot of young people and parents.

🎶I thank God for Good Music
For lifting my soul when I was sunk into depression.

I’m grateful for the HOLY SPIRIT, My number one ally and confidant.

Overall, I’m grateful for ME. This year, I found myself spiraling through several whirls of emotions enough to last for 4 years.


1. Patience: No matter what it is I’m asking from God, I’ve learnt the need to patiently wait for it while working towards my goals. Waiting is hard, (you don’t have to take my word for it). At some point I gave into doubt, asking questions like “will it ever come?” But “They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength…” and I’ve found my strength renewed in moments when I felt I couldn’t move on.

2. No one owes me a YES: I figured out that I’m not entitled to natures' or people’s kindness, or even life itself. People died. People lost loved ones. That I haven’t experienced any of these, remains a privilege. I have learnt to be grateful for even the smallest of things, including the ones I don’t have yet, and to ask freely, with an open heart to receive either a YES or a NO.

3. Consistency: One thing I struggled with was inconsistency. Putting in the work without consistency won’t lead you to your target. Excellence, when done consistently is the what made the great people we know.

4. Friendship and family: This year saw me taking another step forward at being a better friend, sister and baby to the humans in my life. It took some moments of being alone to fully realize that I need to be there for people, treat everyone with respect and forgive as quickly as something happened. I’ve learnt when to keep people at arms length while not entirely cutting them off. Peaceful coexistence in the face of chaos.

There are so much more to be thankful for. If you’re reading this, you’ve definitely got some thing to be grateful for. Stop with the anxiety of unfulfilled goals for now and take a moment to say "Jesus, thank you" 🌹🌹.

Here comes

  • a new age
  • New burdens
  • New hills
  • New goals
  • New assignments
  • I’m glad there are no liphacapharey prophecies this time (joking😂)

Am I ready for the new year?

I guess I am 😉

Let me finally steal this moment to say,
Happy birthday Amarachi, the Remarkably Graced of God🌹

Do say a word of prayer for me, and thank you for reading my birthday epistle ❤



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