Musings #9: Marrying our Destined Husbands

Are there destined husbands? Wives?

If so, how come a lot of Christian marriages, even the ones that were seen in trances and "ordained by heaven" (match made in heaven) still go ahead to divorce after a lot of brutal marital experiences?

Is goodness and compatibility enough?

I know we can't tell what our partners could turn out to be in marriage, and hence it's important to marry the one whom God has chosen (He sees the end from the beginning), but marriage requires work, and no matter how a match was made in heaven, if the both parties do not make it work, it would come crashing.

So then, whose role is it to determine if a match is made in heaven? The both parties? Or their pastors?

Marriage is a long journey, and as humans, we often wish to have a glimpse of what we want, before we commit to it.

That’s why we date!

We want to be sure. But is there really any assurance, save from the one God can give?

We want the best bargain, we want to be safe, guarding our lives with jealousy and silently wishing a fortune teller could let us know if the ground we’re stepping on is thornless.

Marriage is one journey no one wants to bargain with. Not even the adventorous ones want to play hide and seek with their choices of a life partner.

We want to be sure. But can we ever entirely be?

Sexual compatibility?

Purpose compatibility?

Intellectual compatibility?

Name them.

My mother once told me that

Marriage is a parcel. You never truly know what you’d find inside. When you unwrap your parcel, you make do with what you got.

So while in search, leave room, for surprises ❤



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