Musings #11: The African Time Virus

Hello beautiful human,

Let’s talk about the last time“you were late”.

Sometimes we are in a rush to reprimand people, thrashing students when they are late to school, locking out students when they are late for classes, we punish them because they are 'late’.

Whoever brought this coated word 'African Time' should be sentenced for life in kirikiri, cos there’s really nothing African about it.

African Time is a fallacy. Their is only a thing as ' Lateness’. Lateness to church, lateness to events, lateness to lectures, lateness to work, lateness to sleep, lateness to wake.
Lateness has sniped into our society so much it’s becoming a norm. I’ve even heard of incidents where a bride was late for her wedding and the pastor refused to perform the wedding.
Lateness is immodest, it is illegal, it is against moral and scriptural judgements. Remember Sapphira, lateness cost her her life.

If an event is starting up by say 5:00pm, be there few minutes, before the stipulated time, church service is by 8:00am, endeavor to be in church at most 7:50am.

Most lateness are deliberate, calculated, well rehearsed and ruled out. Some people will prepare on time and say "it's too early Jare, am I the only one that will go there and stay alone? ". No dear, you won't be alone.
If you start now, another will start next and in less time we would have a bunch of earlybirds around.

A time conscious man would be conscious of the Lord's coming. He would be conscious of the fact that we are only on earth for an limited amount of time and as such make wonderful use of his time.
He will make the best use of his time impacting lives and winning souls. He will be so useless to the world and the devil but priceless to the Kingdom of God.

A friend of mine once told me that that he gets scared whenever his birthday approaches cos it's usually a constant reminder that he is not getting any younger, and this was my response "Learn to live like everyday was your last, that each minute that passes brings you closer to your grave, it is an inevitable truth, don't count the days brother, make the days count".

I hope you learnt something new today. And oh! You’ll banish the term African Time from your vocabulary, will you? 😉



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